Show Notes: Using Offshore Resources in your NDIS Business

Duration: 00:29:41

Released Date: July 18, 2023

Tania Gomez and Paul Bryan

Chris Glasson

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Welcome to Episode 11, the first episode of Season 2 of The Profitable NDIS Provider Podcast! In this episode, hosts Tania Gomez and Paul Bryan interview Chris from Care BPO to discuss the use of offshore resources in the NDIS sector. Chris explains what a BPO is and how offshore staff can support various business functions. The conversation covers the benefits of using a BPO instead of recruiting directly, cost savings associated with offshore resources, data protection, and compliance risks, and success stories from Care BPO’s clients.

Care BPO is an Australian-owned outsourcing company that provides tailored business solutions to clients across industries, including healthcare and NDIS. They specialise in offshore staffing and offer services such as administration, bookkeeping, and customer service. Care BPO operates in the Philippines, where they recruit and train staff to work for their Australian clients. They prioritise quality service, attention to detail, and client success.


Content Highlights
  • Introduction of Care BPO and services offered, and of Chris Glasson including his experience with NDIS and background.
  • What is a BPO, and what does the offshore staff look like in the NDIS sector?
  • Why go through a BPO as opposed to recruiting directly?
  • What is the average cost per hour for an offshore resource, and what is that as a savings per hour or per month/year?
  • What needs to be considered from a data protection perspective, and to ensure compliance, are there any other risk minimisation strategies needed?
  • What are some success stories from your clients in using a BPO?
About the Speakers

Chris Glasson is a qualified CPA with over 20 years of experience, including over a decade in the disability services sector. Chris was introduced to the sector through his role as CFO of a large West Australian not-for-profit. In 2020 he left this role to start Onboard Supports, with the goal of creating a personalised, responsive Plan Management agency. After such a positive experience hiring offshore staff within Onboard Supports, he partnered with his two original offshore staff to create Care BPO. Care BPO exists to help NDIS providers find the right offshore solutions for their business, leading to greater efficiencies and long-term viability in a challenging funding environment.


Tania Gomez is a dynamic entrepreneur with a passion for helping NDIS providers run thriving businesses that deliver exceptional care. With over a decade of experience as a successful business owner, Tania has founded four successful businesses – Provider+, Strawberry Solutions, Tania Gomez Consulting and Jelli Beanz. Her mission is to help providers overcome challenges and achieve real business outcomes. At every turn, Tania brings her expertise, energy, and deep commitment to quality and compliance to help providers achieve their goals.

As an NDIS Auditor since 2019, Tania brings a wealth of experience to her consulting work. In addition to her audit expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, Tania holds several qualifications, including a Master of Education (Leadership), Graduate Certificate of Disability Practice Management, and Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) and Diploma of Quality auditing. Above all, Tania is passionate about helping purpose-led businesses move past compliance for compliance’s sake and see quality as the secret to a sustainable, profitable and successful business that delivers high-quality outcomes to its clients.

Paul Bryan is the Head Coach of Action and Intent, specialising in coaching, training and equipping support businesses in the disability services sector. With 7 years of coaching experience, including 3 focused on the NDIS, Paul is passionate about empowering Australia’s most vulnerable by improving the businesses that support them. 

Through his two coaching programs, Networking Events and Connection Driving Software, Paul helps both entry-level and market leading businesses establish strong foundations and guides growing providers to become people-focused and profitable market leaders. 

Renowned for his practical and informative live workshops, Paul simplifies the complicated and brings practicality to the difficult. 

Having helped numerous providers achieve multimillion-dollar success, Paul’s unique tools and systems are set to empower further growth for providers.

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