Show Notes: Unlocking Digital Access | Digital Access & Assistive Tech

Duration: 00:25:04

Released Date: November 1, 2023

Tania Gomez

Narelle Gatti


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In this episode, Tania Gomez interviews the inspiring Narelle Gatti, Digital Access Consultant and Auditor of Digital Access and Assistive Technology. Learn about the importance of digital accessibility and literacy for people with disabilities in this informative video. Narelle Gatti, a digital accessibility consultant, talks about the work her team is doing to educate businesses and NDIS providers about the digital accessibility standards in Australia. She highlights the benefits of implementing these standards, from reaching a wider target market to improving search engine optimization. Narelle emphasizes the need for businesses, especially NDIS providers, to engage certified digital accessibility consultants to ensure their websites and documents are fully accessible. Watch this video to gain insights into the world of digital accessibility and the impact it has on individuals and businesses. Welcome to ‘Innovate for Impact,’ the podcast series hosted by Tania Gomez Consulting. Join us as we embark on a journey through the ever-evolving landscape of the NDIS, exploring the transformative power of innovation for a more inclusive tomorrow.

Episode Highlights
0:00 – Introduction
1:56 – Discussion on Digital Accessibility
1:58 – Founding Digital Accessibility Standards Business
1:59 – Exploring Digital Accessibility Standards
5:10 – Benefits of Digital Accessibility Standards
9:03 – Importance of Website Accessibility
10:00 – Accessibility for People with Disabilities
12:56 – The Need for Certification and Compliance
21:02 – Communication Modes for Accessibility
About the Speakers

Narelle Gatti is an expert in digital accessibility, dedicated to ensuring that websites and digital content are accessible to everyone. Narelle focuses on making sure websites are understandable, readable, and easily navigable on various devices, including mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers, and kiosks. She emphasizes the importance of complying with Digital Accessibility Standards and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to ensure inclusivity.

Narelle encourages organizations to consider their clients’ communication needs and offers her expertise to help them achieve full digital accessibility. Her work ensures that emails, documents, and all digital content are accessible to everyone, promoting an inclusive digital environment.

Tania Gomez is a dynamic entrepreneur with a passion for helping NDIS providers run thriving businesses that deliver exceptional care. With over a decade of experience as a successful business owner, Tania has founded four successful businesses – Provider+, Strawberry Solutions, Tania Gomez Consulting and Jelli Beanz. Her mission is to help providers overcome challenges and achieve real business outcomes. At every turn, Tania brings her expertise, energy, and deep commitment to quality and compliance to help providers achieve their goals.

As an NDIS Auditor since 2019, Tania brings a wealth of experience to her consulting work. In addition to her audit expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, Tania holds several qualifications, including a Master of Education (Leadership), Graduate Certificate of Disability Practice Management, and Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) and Diploma of Quality auditing. Above all, Tania is passionate about helping purpose-led businesses move past compliance for compliance’s sake and sees quality as the secret to a sustainable, profitable and successful business that delivers high-quality outcomes to its clients.


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