Show Notes: Innovative Person-Centered Social Support Services Model

Duration: 00:40:07

Released Date: February 15, 2024

Tania Gomez

Greg Facoory and Linda Taylor


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In this episode, discover the innovative person-centered model used by QS to revolutionize disability support. This viral video features an insightful and inspiring conversation with Greg and Linda from QSSS, who explain the model and its impact on the lives of their clients. The video showcases how QSSS focuses on building meaningful connections between clients and support workers, allowing clients to choose support workers based on shared interests and values. The video also highlights the importance of collaboration with support coordinators, allied health professionals, and other providers to ensure the best outcomes for clients. Join in and learn how this disruptive model changes how disability support is delivered across Australia.  Welcome to ‘Innovate for Impact,’ the podcast series hosted by Tania Gomez Consulting. Join us as we uncover inspiring stories of visionary individuals, organizations, and technologies revolutionizing how we approach disabilities.

Episode Highlights
1:42 – Background of QSSS
3:14 – The Story of Louise
5:52 – QSSS Model and Values
9:22 – The Connection between Support Workers and Participants
19:49 – Scalability and National Expansion
21:05 – Benefits for Staff and Participants
29:53 – Ethics and Responsible Growth
34:32 – Model Applicability to Other NDIS Areas
37:52 – Future Goals and Collaboration
About the Speakers

Greg Facoory, with over 16 years of experience in Governance, Quality, and Risk for organizations advocating for the most vulnerable and at-risk individuals, is passionate about transforming the aged and disability care industry. Greg is dedicated to changing the conversations around those in need and improving how we engage and educate others in this field. In a society where the elderly and disabled are often treated callously, Greg’s goal is to highlight the immeasurable value of forming quality, meaningful connections with those who have lived rich and varied lives, and to learn from their experiences and resilience.

Linda Taylor is an experienced health leader with over 25 years of experience in executive and non-executive leadership roles across various health settings, including aged care, mental health, disability, rehabilitation, community care, and the acute sector. As the National Director of Operations for Infinite Care, she leads a team of approximately 1,200 people and oversees annual revenues exceeding $150 million, consistently demonstrating strategic decision-making and authentic, values-based leadership in a private for-profit environment.

Previously, Linda was a highly valued and respected member of the Uniting Care Queensland (UCQ) senior leadership team. She successfully led a team of 1,200 people and managed annual revenues of over $130 million until mid-2019. Linda also spearheaded an organization-wide culture change program for UCQ, Blue Care, which positively impacted more than 11,500 employees over a 3.5-year period.

Tania Gomez is a dynamic entrepreneur with a passion for helping NDIS providers run thriving businesses that deliver exceptional care. With over a decade of experience as a successful business owner, Tania has founded four successful businesses – Provider+, Strawberry Solutions, Tania Gomez Consulting and Jelli Beanz. Her mission is to help providers overcome challenges and achieve real business outcomes. At every turn, Tania brings her expertise, energy, and deep commitment to quality and compliance to help providers achieve their goals.

As an NDIS Auditor since 2019, Tania brings a wealth of experience to her consulting work. In addition to her audit expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, Tania holds several qualifications, including a Master of Education (Leadership), Graduate Certificate of Disability Practice Management, and Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) and Diploma of Quality auditing. Above all, Tania is passionate about helping purpose-led businesses move past compliance for compliance’s sake and sees quality as the secret to a sustainable, profitable and successful business that delivers high-quality outcomes to its clients.


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