Show Notes: Australia’s First Disability-Focused Garage

Duration: 00:24:38

Released Date: January 19, 2024

Tania Gomez

Jade Burgmann


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In this episode, we’re joined by Jade Burgmann, founder of the Wheelnutz Garage, to share the inspiring story behind the innovative disability provider. Wheelnutz Garage is not your typical automotive garage; it is a place where individuals with disabilities come together to learn, engage in activities, and build valuable skills in the automotive industry. Jade discusses how they use funding from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to create a social and inclusive environment, offering programs that focus on skill development, social connections, and safe driver training. Discover their challenges, their vision for the future, and how they hope to inspire others in this groundbreaking space.

Episode Highlights
0:00 – Introduction
0:26 – Wheelnutz Garage
2:08 – Funding Options
4:01 – Focus on Skill Development and Social Connections
4:58 – Not Disability Employment
5:30 – Personal Background and Inspiration
7:04 – The Start of Wheel Nuts Garage
8:05 – First Garage of Its Kind in Australia
9:19 – Challenges and Sustainability
11:28 – Opportunities for Further Innovation
14:08 – Sharing Information and Lessons
19:12 – Future Goals and Expansion
22:09 – Inviting Visitors to Wheel Nuts Garage
About the Speakers

Jade Burgmann is a dedicated disability leader and co-founder of Wheelnutz Garage, an innovative automotive learning space for people with disabilities in Logan and Brisbane. The award-winning program helps individuals with autism, intellectual disabilities, and acquired brain injuries develop employment skills.

As director of Adventure Crew, Jade provides outdoor experiences that foster skill development, independence, and confidence for people with disabilities. With over two decades in the human services sector, including mental health and child protection, Jade is an advocate for innovation and inclusivity in the disability field. Her work has earned multiple awards, including the Autism Queensland Recognition Award and the Brisbane Disability Leadership Award.

Tania Gomez is a dynamic entrepreneur with a passion for helping NDIS providers run thriving businesses that deliver exceptional care. With over a decade of experience as a successful business owner, Tania has founded four successful businesses – Provider+, Strawberry Solutions, Tania Gomez Consulting and Jelli Beanz. Her mission is to help providers overcome challenges and achieve real business outcomes. At every turn, Tania brings her expertise, energy, and deep commitment to quality and compliance to help providers achieve their goals.

As an NDIS Auditor since 2019, Tania brings a wealth of experience to her consulting work. In addition to her audit expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, Tania holds several qualifications, including a Master of Education (Leadership), Graduate Certificate of Disability Practice Management, and Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) and Diploma of Quality auditing. Above all, Tania is passionate about helping purpose-led businesses move past compliance for compliance’s sake and sees quality as the secret to a sustainable, profitable and successful business that delivers high-quality outcomes to its clients.


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