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Welcome to The Profitable NDIS Provider Podcast’s Show Notes page! Here, you’ll find a comprehensive collection of show notes from each episode, allowing you to delve into the enriching discussions at a glance. You can also listen to the audio version of each podcast episode, and get to know more of our speakers. 

Season 1

Welcome To Our Podcast Series

How Do I Register as an NDIS Provider

How to Create Clients

Staying Unregistered?

Compliance in the Everyday

Software to Simplify, Comply, and Drive Profit

Knowing Your Business Culture

Ethical Practices in Profitable Business

Finding and Retaining Staff

NDIS Providers’ Journey to Profitable Businesses

Season 2

Using Offshore Resources in Your NDIS Business

Getting Started on
Social Media

What is SDA and Should I Consider It?

How Big Should I Get?

Selling My NDIS Business

Hiring Your First Manager

What Systems and Technology Do I Need?

Getting an ROI on Digital Marketing

Building a Personal Brand and Creating Strategic Partnerships

How to Increase Profits by 300% in 12 Months

(Bonus Episode) Spotlight on Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Season 3

SDA Growth in Australia

The Power of Local Networking Groups

Showcasing Your Business Through Business Awards and Events

“Find My First Client” Challenge

Streamlining Processes to Find Operational Efficiencies

Understanding NDIS Business Models

Standing Out in the Crowd

How To Always Make a Profit in Business

Breaking News: NDIS Review – Housing and Living Recommendations with Debbie Kindness

Breaking News. Support Coordinators, Plan Managers and Foundation Supports

Breaking News:  NDIS Review – The Requirement for All Providers to be Registered

Season Wrap-up

Season 4

Charting Your NDIS Success in 2024

Migration Pathways for NDIS Businesses

 Do you need a business coach or a business consultant, and what’s the difference?

What do participants want from providers

How Rostering and Claiming Efficiencies Can Save You a Ton of Cash

Top 5 Ways to Grow Your NDIS Business

Innovation and Business Diversification with Tender Loving Care

SIL, ILO, STA, MTA – Explained

Connected Marketing and So Much More with Ben

What does a recovery coach do?

Owning an NDIS Franchise

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