How to stay compliant between audit points

Staying compliant with the NDIS practice standards is critical for any NDIS provider. These standards ensure that participants receive quality supports that are safe and effective. However, compliance is not just about passing the audit. It is an ongoing process that requires commitment, effort, and dedication. Here are some easy and practical ways NDIS providers can stay compliant between audit points.

Internal Audit Schedule:

Having an internal audit schedule is an essential part of maintaining compliance. This schedule should be implemented and followed each quarter. The purpose of the internal audit is to identify any non-compliance issues and address them before the next audit point. The audit should cover all areas of the organisation, including policies and procedures, staff training, participant files, and incident registers.

Quarterly or Monthly Compliance Meeting:

Holding a quarterly or monthly compliance meeting is an effective way to ensure that compliance is maintained. During these meetings, participant files and staff files are sampled, and an update on continuous improvements completed across the organisation is provided. This meeting is an opportunity to discuss any issues or concerns and implement corrective actions where necessary.

Updating Registers:

Registers such as incident registers, complaint registers, document control registers, and continuous improvement registers should be updated regularly. These registers help NDIS providers to monitor and manage any incidents, complaints, or issues. Regular updates ensure that the organisation is aware of any trends or patterns and can take action to prevent reoccurrence.

Review of Key Processes:

Regular reviews of key processes are crucial for maintaining compliance. These reviews should identify any areas that require improvement and implement any necessary changes. Creating easy-to-use checklists for each process and work instructions or standard operating procedures can also make compliance something that is done each day and maintained between audits.

Maintaining compliance with the NDIS practice standards can be challenging, but it is critical for NDIS providers to ensure that participants receive quality supports. At Tania Gomez Consulting, we provide advice and support to NDIS providers in all areas of compliance and quality. Contact us today for more information on how we can assist you in maintaining compliance and improving the quality of your supports.

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