Failed Audit Fix

Did your recent NDIS audit result in non-conformance?
Do you need help resolving your audit issues quickly?

Failed Audit Fix is designed to help you get back on track quickly and effectively. Our experienced team of NDIS audit specialists is here to provide you with clear guidance and support to address identified issues quickly and ensure a successful audit outcome.

With our Audit Fix service, you’ll have access to our dedicated consultant, who will work closely with you to develop a comprehensive corrective action plan tailored to your organisation’s unique needs.

The Failed Audit Fix service is intended to provide you with expert support and guidance in dealing with NDIS audit issues in a timely and effective manner.

Here’s What You Can Expect

A 30-minute consultation with our expert consultant to discuss the audit findings and understand specific issues that need to be addressed.

Our team will thoroughly review your audit report to identify areas of non-conformance and develop a comprehensive understanding of the issues that need to be addressed.

Based on the findings of your audit report, we will collaborate with you to create a comprehensive corrective action plan that outlines the steps required to resolve the issues and achieve NDIS compliance.

Our consultant will guide you through the process of developing a practical and effective action plan to address the identified issues, including clear steps, timelines, and responsibilities.

We will provide you with an additional 30-minute session to review the developed action plan, answer any questions, and ensure that you have a clear understanding of the steps to be taken to resolve the issues.

We will provide you with a separate quote for the implementation of the corrective action plan once your Failed Audit Fix is completed. This will allow you to make an informed decision and budget for the steps required to address the issues.

Our consultant will collaborate with you to create a personalised corrective action plan and will provide ongoing support to ensure that you achieve compliance and pass your next audit with flying colours.

Don’t let audit issues hold you back. Take action now using Failed Audit Fix and let our experienced team help you fix the issues and achieve a successful audit outcome.

Contact us today to learn more and get started on your audit recovery journey!

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