Expert on Demand

Introducing Our NDIS Expert on Demand
— A Flexible Solution for Your NDIS Audit Support!

Ongoing NDIS Compliance Support Program

This prepaid 10 hour value pack is the most flexible NDIS consulting deal of its kind

NDIS Expert on Demand is designed to provide you with 10 hours of direct consultation with Tania Gomez whenever you need it over a 12-month period.

You will have access to our knowledgeable team of NDIS audit specialists through NDIS Expert on Demand, under the direction of our very own Tania Gomez.

Tania has over 10 years of experience in the NDIS sector and has successfully assisted over 4000 people with their NDIS audits, having completed hundreds of audits herself.

You will benefit from Tania’s unparalleled expertise and in-depth knowledge of NDIS audits when she is your dedicated consultant.

Here’s What You Can Expect

You’ll receive 10 hours of dedicated consultation time with Tania, giving you ample opportunities to discuss your NDIS audit concerns, ask questions, and seek expert advice tailored to your organisation’s unique needs.

When you use our NDIS Expert on Demand service, you will have the advantage of working with Tania Gomez for each of your consultations. This enables Tania to truly understand your business, get to know your organisation, and provide personalised advice that is tailored to your specific needs.

We understand how valuable your time is. As a result, we provide flexible consultation sessions with a minimum of 30 minutes. You can use your consultation hours as needed, whether it’s a quick check-in or a longer discussion.

Tania and our knowledgeable team will provide you with expert guidance and support to help you navigate the complexities of NDIS audits. We’ll work closely with you to address your specific concerns, provide practical recommendations, and help you develop strategies for audit success.

You have the flexibility to use your consultation hours over a 12-month period, giving you time to get the support you need, exactly when you need it. No more rushing or feeling pressured—you control how you use your consultations.

Don’t leave your NDIS audit preparations to chance. Get the peace of mind and expert guidance you need with our NDIS Expert on Demand, led by care industry expert Tania Gomez.

Benefit from extensive experience, in-depth knowledge, and personalised advice. Walk into your audit with confidence and enjoy a stress free audit cycle.

Contact us today to learn more about our NDIS Expert on Demand and how it can help you achieve audit success with a trusted consultant by your side!

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