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We have three levels of support available to assist you navigate the audit process. These are:

What’s included:

Level 1:

Self Guided

Level 2:

Supported Audit

Level 3:

Audit Mentor
1. Audit coaching program✔ Yes ✔ Yes ✔ Yes 
2. Audit Action plan✔ Yes ✔ Yes ✔ Yes 
3. Coaching calls and consultations✔ 1 hour✔ 3 hours✔ 6 hours
4 File structure for audit✘ No✔ Yes✔ Yes
5. Support on audit day✘ No✔ 3 hours✔ 6 hours
6. Staff and participant file checks✘ No✔ Upto 5 staff
and 5 participants
✔ Upto 10 staff
and 10 participants
7. Governance file checks✘ No✘ No✔ Yes
PAYMENT TERMS100% upfront100% upfront50% upfront and
50% 2 weeks before audit

Definition of deliverables ↓

A self paced, online program that includes 4 hours of content and provides a comprehensive program to prepare you for audit. The program includes a action plan and home work to be completed and a range of templates for you to complete and be audit ready.
Session 1 – Putting a plan in place
Session 2 – Understanding governance documents
Session 3 – Preparing for audit
Session 4 – Mock audit and practising answering questions ​

A plan that gives you a road map to audit including the items you need to complete, in the correct order so you spend your time on the most important areas.

Coaching calls can be 30 minute or 60 minutes in duration and booked weekly, fortnightly or monthly in the lead up to audit. This gives you a chance to troubleshoot questions, go over your action plan and ensure you are supported each step of the way.

We create a folder structure for you to drop your files and documents in for the auditor. This ensures the auditor can find key documents and all items are well presented and structured.

Support on audit day includes being available via phone for the hours allocated. This can be spread over stage 1 and stage 2 audit and can be used as needed to troubleshoot errors and have an expert on speed dial as needed.

A main area of non conformance is staff and participant files. They are often missing key details, rather than completing a full internal audit, we suggest a sample of a few files to save time and resources on checking all. With the review we provide a report of what is missing so you can then apply these items to the rest of your files.
Note: If a full internal audit is preferred, this can be organised at additional cost.

Governance and operational management is a key standard in all certification standard. The evidence requirements around this include reviewing key items like registers, business plans, emergency management plans and meeting minutes along with key personnel documents. This inclusion provides a review of these key documents and action plan for any items that need to be addressed. Note that this item does not include development of any missing documents which would be quoted separately as needed.

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